Sparte Tracking Antenna


The Sparte family of antennas allows to address a variety of applications, such as aircraft tracking, very high speed targets with high dynamics, or duplex datalinks with an Rx/Tx system.

  • Stand alone antenna with your telemetry receivers
  • Turnkey stations with our Cortex  RTR Telemetry Receivers 

Main features 

  • L-band / S-band / C-band
  • SPARTE pedestal
  • High speed Elevation over Azimuth pedestal with acceleration up to 40°/s²
  • SMC feeds for high speed target tracking
  • Tri-band capable feed for future C-band upgrades
  • Shipborne version (Shipborne transformation kit including gyro inertial unit and extended elevation travel range)
  • Trailer-mounted version with easily dismountable aerial parts (feed, arms, reflector)
  • 1.8m and 3m reflectors available in option
  • Axial video camera for visual target aiming in option

 Main benefits 

  • Simplified user experience with automatic ACU-mode management
  • Rugged design providing high pointing & tracking accuracy and long lifetime against environment and demanding operations
  • Robust pedestal with all active parts above the rotary joint, reducing drastically the maintenance and making the system safely and easily relocatable
  • Indoor ACU with comfortable 17″ touch screen for operations with up to 4 tracking inputs (AM + AGC) paires.