Hexapod Antenna


Tracking Antenna – 5m30 – S / X / S+X band

Full motion autotrack antenna, with hexapod pedestal

With its optimized high-efficiency reflector shape, the hexapod-mounted solution provide large RF performances suitable for all E/O missions. Innovation of the Hexapod leverages ease of maintenance, easy relocatability, and very limited downtime in case of critical failure. Acknowledged as a standard by various military forces, the Hexapod-mounted solutions are the flagship products of Zodiac Data Systems.

Main Features

  • Full hemispheric coverage
  • Single band (X/S) or dual band (S+X) configurations available

Main Benefits

  • Full motion time and field-proven pedestal suitable for LEO satellites tracking
  • Flexibility to track both polar and equatorial satellites without compromise
  • Rapid tracking acquisition even at high elevation angle