Cortex RSR


Cortex RSR – Radio Signal Recorder offers multiple Intermediate Frequency IF analog channel recording and reproducing.

Main features

  • True IF 70 MHz recording/reproducing
  • Full digital processing
  • Recording bandwidth : 40 MHz per IF channel
  • Up to 4 IF inputs
  • Up to 160MHz of aggregate analog bandwidth
  • IF, PCM, AGC and Audio into a single box
  • Excellent cross channel synchronization
  • Extended dynamic input & output level range
  • IRIG106 chapter 10 data file format
  • Extractible RAID 0 or 5 cartridge
  • SSD memory available
  • Spectrum display while recording & reproducing

Main benefits

  • One box solution
  • No tuning, no preventive maintenance
  • Easy configuration
  • Real time monitoring of I/O’s
  • Raw analog wideband IF 70MHz recording
  • Recovery of missing bits in reproducing
  • Improved data backup
  • Pre-flight range qualification
  • Reproducing of actual flight test conditions (multipath, plume effect, fading…)
  • Single file for data exchange
  • Simulation & reproducing of complex propagation phenomena