Cortex (HDR) Receiver


The Cortex HDR XXL is the latest COTS very high rate receiver for wideband transmissions in X-Band and Ka/Ku-bands.

It is the reference equipment for all existing and forthcoming earth observation missions, recognized as the most powerful, versatile reliable high rate Receiver / Demodulator by the Remote Sensing community.

Main features

  • Up to 2 Gbps transmission rate
  • 720 MHz and 1.2 GHz IF
  • Dual 720 MHz IF baseline H/W (two independent demodulation units)
  • QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK and 16QAM demodulator & bitsync
  • Digital filtering and signal equalization
  • Convolutional and post-processing decoding
  • Telemetry data server



    • Very high speed recording
    • Real time output
    • Store and forward
  • Built-in constellation viewer & spectrum analyzer
  • Test modulation capabilities



    • PRN generation
    • Recorded data playback

Main benefits

  • Field-proven truly multimission receiver: risk free solution and lowest implementation losses
  • Powerful FPGA design allowing advanced decoders such as LPDC 7/8 and AR4JA, 4D-TCM-8PSK
  • Auto-adaptive equalization for complete transmission path optimization:



    • Onboard OMUX
    • Multipath transmission
    • Ground RF
  • “1 box solution” for dual channel demodulation + FEP, drastically minimizing spare sets
  • Cortex family product long term commitment: Back-compatible equipment with former versions, allowing swap-and-replace without any M&C or integration cost
  • Easy on-site software upgrades to allow additional missions