Cortex CRT-Q


Cortex CRT-Q : Command / Ranging / Telemetry

Integrated Command Ranging and Telemetry baseband system (CRT) for satellite ground control stations. Performing telemetry processing (payload data processing up to 20Mbps, LEOP and house-keeping operation) satellite commanding and ranging for GEO, MEO and LEO spacecraft. The Cortex CRT-Q is the latest generation of integrated TT&C base band COTS product from ZODIAC DATA SYSTEMS.

Main Features

  • 70 MHz intermediate frequency
  • Direct IF sampling and full digital processing
  • Telemetry processing of direct PCM direct w/o sub-carrier
  • CCSDS telecommanding with COP-1 layer processing
  • Ranging measurements (ESA, ESA-LIKE, USB, …)
  • Doppler estimation
  • Spread spectrum processing for TM, TC and Ranging
  • Space Link Extension
  • Compact 1U interconnection panel or 3U interconnection panel with RS422 connectors

Main Benefits

  • Benefit of long experience of Cortex product CRT
  • Field proven compatibility with most of satellites
  • User assets preserved thanks to back-compatibility
  • Flexible architecture for continuous improvement of Signal Processing
  • Support advanced and future standard
  • High level of reliability with no preventive maintenance
  • High integration COST product